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About Us


We came about when 4 dedicated players meet on Black Ops. We added each other on Steam and met up on many nights. We smashed our personal bests, and enjoyed each-other's company. Not too long after that Subarashi decided to create a clan named Allied Allegiance Australia(January 2nd 2011). After finding that there were already some clans using the (AAA) tags, we changed it to (-3xA'). Since then we have expanded internationally into America, Canada, New Zealand and some of Europe.

Core Values

We do not strive to be the biggest, we strive to be united and offer comradery as a community. We stand for our fellow gamers and help them when they are down. We try to stay positive and productive with our criticism. After-all, criticism without productivity is just plain bitching! We try to leave arrogance and insults out of our games.


We are always looking for mature members to join our community!
Whether you're competitive or just looking for some folks to play games with, we want you to join our ranks!


Interested in joining our competitive gaming teams? It all starts here on this website! First make an application, and one of our recruiters will contact you to schedule a tryout. One of our recruiters will allow you to tryout in-game to determine if you are suitable for the team. You will be judged on your ability to follow orders, sportsmanship and overall performance. If you are aware of any aspects of your performance that could use some work, make your recruiter aware of this prior to the tryout. Keep in mind that we only expect serious players with time to dedicate to the team.


Being a social member is best way to start with the clan! Come get a feel for us, meet some of our members! We encourage our members to group up together and share their gaming experiences with each-other. We like to facilitate activities based around a wide spectrum of games. We offer a competitive gaming environment for those who wish to develop their gaming skills further. The community helps communication and structure for all those involved, regardless of membership. The right mix of personalities helps create an environment that you will want to keep coming back too.

We have decided to ditch the forums and message boards!

We all use Steam, so why not use Steam for discussions?

This means notifications through Steam, no registering at the site, no emails, just the information you need at your fingertips! Our discussions are still moderated by the 3xA staff members, from within the Steam group!

Our Services

Teamspeak 3


Teamspeak can be installed on Windows, Linux, Mac OSX, Android and iOS.

If you are using the PC for voice, quick connect with the button below!
(don't forget to change your nickname later!)

Connect (PC Only)

Otherwise, manually connect to:
Password: 3xA (case-sensitive)
We've hosted Teamspeak 3 for years and we ask that everyone follow the rules while connected. Rules are listed on the server, within the description of the lobby channel.

3xA-Gaming is an Authorized Teamspeak Hosting Provider(ATHP).

Our Game Servers

View Server List

We host game servers for the public to use. This has always been a key part of our community. We switch up game servers when nobody play on them. This page generates full server data(to the minute) from all of our game and voice servers. Below is a live breakdown of our game servers, refresh the page to update server info.

Click for more detailed server information

3xA-Gaming Founder, Subarashi:
"If there are players, then it stays online!"


There are a variety of ways to donate. This list is up-to-date with standard donation methods! If you donate to any server, it helps all our servers!

Our Servers

Type Title Players Address Port
Teamspeak 3 / ()